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Enroll In The Couples Relationship Rescue - 2020 Live Edition. 100% LIVE, this time ONLY.
Couples who grow together, stay together.
Take a dive deep to rescue your relationship… so you can savor the intimacy you know is possible.
Non stop fighting? Breaking up? 
Separating? Divorcing? 
Or are they simply driving you up the wall?
DON’T throw in the towel yet.
Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt has prepared a powerful journey
for 6 to 8 couples only,
to go from ‘Irritation to Intimacy’
in a 6-week Deep Dive called
Couples Relationship Rescue - Covid Live Edition
“Dissolve the conflict, deepen your clarity, and give yourself solid, heart-centered, wise direction for the highest good of your soul, relationship, family, and future.” 
~ Allana Pratt
Couples Relationship Rescue - 2020 Live Edition
This program is inclusive of All people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities or color of skin. We ALL have the right to be respected, appreciated and welcomed to Become the One To Awaken the One... Because We Are All ONE.

You will learn...
  • Daily proven practices that turn annoyance into allowance.
  • A healthy way to integrate anger into appreciation.
  • ​A powerful way to bust the blame game, take back your power and feel heard.
  • ​A way to see your partner as your greatest spiritual teacher ... Seriously :-)
  • ​The most profound communication tool that makes you feel safe, seen, and understood... restoring intimacy and connection.
  • The ability to see your relationship from your Higher Self's point of view so that you either choose to make it work, thrive and flourish for years to come... or bless and release each other and consciously uncouple... without the drama, expense or heartache.
The Curriculum
Explore The Couples Relationship Rescue Curriculum
Week 1- Why are we reeeeally here?
As fun as it would be, we’re not here to fix your partner xox. We’re here to become the one to awaken the one.

Week 2- Dismantling Blame ~ Seeing the Gift
Blindspots always run the show. Once you see your blindspot, you take all your power back and can receive the gift.

Week 3 - Coming Home to Little You
Most of us are wired backward, seeking worth, safety, and appreciation from the outside in. This week rewired you to come HOME on the inside, which attracts it on the outside.

Week 4 - Balance => Peace, Power & Possibility
What if your annoying partner was actually your greatest spiritual teacher? What if all of this was actually unfolding FOR your ultimate enlightenment? Yup.

Week 5- Epic Connection
Very few of us grew up with parents who impeccably listened with non-judgment. You will learn THE most effective communication tool to build back intimacy into lasting connection.

Week 6- I Can See Clearly Now
Once emotional triggers have been integrated, you have access to your intuition, instincts, knowing, creative and abstract thinking. Solutions are obvious. The path is clear. Truth leads the way.

Other Program Details:
  • All 6 calls are LIVE with Allana Pratt and take place via Zoom platform. It’s phenomenal how Zoom gives one a sense of independence, yet simultaneously a sense of community.
  • You are invited to a Private Facebook Group for Students-only of the program. 
  • On Friday’s you can participate in the private Happy Hour Q&A. I love how these moments keep things light yet supported... practical yet intimate.
  • You will be supported with a Workbook, Daily Rituals, a powerful Meditation & Sacred Intimacy Couples Mantra & Healthy Communication Scripts. 
Bonus Included When You Join Today
1. Cooking class for a Date Night with Culinary Institute Top Chef Chase Ponce. 
Chase Ponce is a Top Chef who will teach us how to cook a sexy delicious meal. Taking care of someone so intimately with food, provides comfort, connection and extreme pleasure ;-) 
Won’t it be fun to apply all that you’ve learned throughout the program with heart open communication, seeing each other with soft eyes and more? AND MAYBE you can even add this to your NAKED NIGHT repertoire!!! (Stilettos only ladies! Personally a man in hiking boots does it for me xox) 
2. Transformational Little You Meditation
This is Allana's signature meditation that dissolves anxiety, overwhelm, hopelessness and heartache. It guides you home, to the safety, security & self worth that resides within, no matter what your circumstances are. Listen to this meditation in the morning, night time, or before a meaningful event. Embody your magnificence, surrender all attachment, and Just Be Glorious You!
Love Stories about 
Allana’s Teaching Method & Coaching
Another heartfelt message from Donna M, one of my clients.
“We traveled from a deep crisis to being closer today than ever before after just our first month of deep work. “

Allana Pratt is by far the best coach I and my partner have ever worked with because she models vulnerability, authenticity and non-judgment so artfully. My partner and I are facing truths and core issues individually that have evaded us for our entire adult lives and then bringing that healing lovingly to the relationship.

I have worked with at least 15 or more therapists and coaches over my lifetime; without a doubt I go deeper, faster with Allana than with any other practitioner. I trust Allana; her own vulnerability, honesty, playfulness and deep experience and intuitive skills makes it possible to uncover truths that have laid hidden and guarded my entire adult life.

The work with my partner is profound because he is also in a deeply trusting, open, safe space. I am sure we would not be together today without the work and without being held so artfully while we explore our most vulnerable places together. We are each having profound new awareness of the core issues that block our intimacy with ourselves (that we often blamed the other for).

Allana is so balanced in her own masculine and feminine energies that makes so much possible in holding couples beautifully in brutally hard places. If you are alone, if you are struggling inside a failing relationship or if you want to deepen intimacy with yourself, a partner or the world itself she has mad skills. We traveled from a deep crisis to being closer today than ever before after just our first month of deep work
Join The Program
  • 6 Weeks of Live Coaching with Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt to heal your relationship.
  • ​1 Weekly Live Zoom Session with Allana Pratt
  • ​1 Weekly Live Zoom Q&A Session with Allana Pratt
  • ​Bonus 1: Delicious Date Night Cooking Class with Top Chef Chase Ponce
  • ​Private Facebook Group for Students-only of the program
  • ​Program Workbook, Daily Rituals & Communication Script to support your journey
  • Signature Meditation: The Transformational Little You Meditation
  •  Lifetime Access to the Entire Program and all Bonuses
Only $497 USD (per couple)
1. What if we’re not on the brink of divorce but we just have trouble getting along right now?
Allana: Yes, this course will support you in dissolving what’s causing the conflicts even if you’re not throwing in the towel. Who wants to live a mediocre life during a pandemic when we require deeper connection, touch and being on the same page now more than ever?
This course while created to support couples in trouble, is for all couples who are committed to life long learning, who are committed to being their best selves. Just like a plant that to thrive require more than just water from time to time… it requires fertilizer, pruning, sunshine, care and attention… so do relationships.
Even if you’re at a 7 out of 10 now… what would a 9 or 10 out of 10 relationship help you to create and enjoy physically? Mentally? What about how it would support you vocationally, financially, abundantly? How about how it would support you as parents? Or with your parents and siblings? How about romantically, sexually, intimately while nourishing your soul?
In 6 short weeks you could go from fine to fabulous, good to glorious, irritated to intimate connected and your whole WORLD will feel it and benefit ;-)
2. How much privacy do I have to share with other students in the group?
Allana: We’re committed to deep psychological safety during our 6 week journey together. As with all past programs such as Radiance, Dear Lover or Heart Splayed Wide Open... the Live edition program is later turned into a home study program accessible only to clients who purchase it. The Facebook group is private for those registered in the program, for me to join you and for the Team Allana Administrator to support us.

If you're looking for pure privacy with no other couples that's exclusively for you and never to be witnessed or seen by anyone else, a better fit for you would be working privately with me. To be sure that you're a fit for working with me privately we invite you to first meet with my Intimacy Success Advisor on an Intimacy Blind-spot Breakthrough call. You can register for that discounted $97 call at www.AllanaPratt.Com/connect
3. Will our conflicts be exposed to everyone in the group?
Allana: Conflicts are normal, healthy and present in every single relationship. In fact life is equal conflict and flow, equal pain and pleasure, equal challenge and support. Suffering occurs when we resist obstacles and clamor for comfort.

The key is to balance your emotions, then learn how to see the gift in conflicts so as to become stronger and more intimately connected. We’ve come together to grow and evolve into our best selves. Out of the fire rises the phoenix.
4. How big will the group be?
Allana: We are welcoming between six to eight couples to keep things intimate and allow each participant to feel safe, seen and understood as well as share and be heard.
5. How much time per week do we have to dedicate?
Allana: You get to dedicate 6 Monday Evenings for 90 minutes to the Live course with me. As a Bonus you also get Live access to me when you dedicate 5 Fridays for happy hour Q&A in the private Facebook Group. Your weekly homework will range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on how deep you want to dive.
6. What if by the end of the 6 weeks, we are still in the same position as we are now?
Allana: Unless you don't show up for any call, don't do any homework, don't try, don't listen and sit in the corner pouting xox... There is no hope in hell you're going to be in the same position :-) Guaranteed. 

The only possibility is that given you will have deeper clarity, healing, knowing and Truth… you may discover that while you desire a PhD level intimate relationship… you've only put in the time, energy and resources for an elementary school level relationship. This is great news! You can see what it will take to close the gap. Now you require the next logical step… group, private or VIP support to gratefully get through the finish line to thriving intimacy in a lasting way.
7. What if my partner won’t join me?
Allana: When I started turning marriages around… if only one spouse wanted to do the work, I would’ve said you’re sh*t out of luck. 

However NOW I’ve witnessed countless marriages heal, reconnect, thrive better than ever when only ONE partner does the work. Why? Everything’s energy. The balance HAS to shift when one person shifts.

The kind of partner that’s willing to do the work knowing the other won’t is a BRAVE soul. They are willing to let go of being right, of it being fair, of making them ‘pay’, of feeling justified. I bow in reverence to these soul’s that take the high road and create a life that works for them, even if the process doesn’t look like what they desired or expected.

By the end of the 6 weeks… even if only one partner does the work and shifts the energetic balance in the favor of a thriving relationship and the other partner is STILL a jerk… then you’ll have no regrets. You will have done everything you could. And all your emotional triggers will be calm, peaceful and still.

AND you will have told the Universe that you’re serious about having a thriving life of intimate connection, meaningful communication and sensual bliss. You will complete your relationship with grace, consciousness and kindness. And who you attract next will reflect your spiritual maturity.

Those who give up BEFORE doing the inner work only attract the same partner next time, just in a different body. 
8. Not to be skeptical, but Allana is twice divorced, why should I trust her?
Allana: True, I don’t have experience with a 20 yrs marriage. Yet I have a 50 yr relationship with my Little You, with the Divine and with thousands of couples and singles who I’ve facilitated becoming their BEST self and masterfully communicating with their heart open in the face of ANYTHING… which ultimately equips them for handling the challenges and celebrating the wins in any relationship.
Isn’t it true that our greatest growth occurs not when we get something right on the first try… but when we’ve failed, messed up, fallen down, made a mistake? I could have gotten bitter, yet instead I got better ;-) I am an Intimacy Expert helping you KNOW your truth, LIVE your truth and CREATE your most authentic life, connections and expression.
You may never feel as safe, seen, understood, honored, cherished and believed in, than in my presence.

I love you just as much if your heart’s truth is to stay together, bless and release one another, open your marriage, live untraditionally or something else… what matters to me is that you’re a grounded pure channel of your Highest Truth. This way I can guide you to effectively communicate, meaningfully connect and bravely keep your heart open in the face of anything.

I don't pity you. I believe in your grandeur. I trust from there... you’ve got this ;-)
8. Do you have a cancellation/refund policy?
Allana: Just know that you are always protected by our 7-day guarantee and you can get a full refund if this is not what you're looking for.
You can read the Terms and Conditions here and the Refund Policy here.
Join The Program
  • 6 Weeks of Live Coaching with Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt to heal your relationship.
  • ​1 Weekly Live Zoom Session with Allana Pratt
  • ​1 Weekly Live Zoom Q&A Session with Allana Pratt
  • ​Bonus 1: Delicious Date Night Cooking Class with Top Chef Chase Ponce
  • ​Private Facebook Group for Students-only of the program
  • ​Program Workbook, Daily Rituals & Communication Script to support your journey
  • Signature Meditation: The Little You
  •  Lifetime Access to the Entire Program and all Bonuses
In short, you don't have anything to lose...
... And you open up to gaining an exhilarating new possibility for your relationship!
Only $497 USD (per couple)
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