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Why Schedule An Intimacy Blindspot Breakthrough Session?
The Intimacy Discovery Call goes right to the core of what’s really creating the barrier to deep connection, fulfilling sex and heart centered intimacy.

It’s a one hour deep dive that sheds a light on the blindspot that’s been sabotaging your best efforts. You will feel safe, seen and understood as you move from confused to more clarity, insecure to more confidence, disheartened to hopeful.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt you will be one solid step closer to having the thriving relationship you desire, feeling certain you can fully breakthrough your blocks and finally clear on your path to reach your relationship goals.

Benefits you receive in your Intimacy Call

  • Move from confused, overwhelmed or paralyzed to clarity, centeredness and certainty
  • Be heard, acknowledged, supported and guided in the next effective action for results
  • ​Discover the blocks to manifesting your beloved, or awakening deep connection in your current relationship while staying true to yourself
  • ​We will rock your world, give you 10x the value and support you breaking through your Intimacy Blindspot!

Check out what others have to say about the
Intimacy Discovery Call...

"I immediately felt a deep trust for her."

When I did my intimacy breakthrough call, I was unsure about myself, had struggled for several years in taking a relationship beyond friendship and into something more intimate, and was basically searching for answers and better relationships. Allana was empathetic, sympathetic, and above all loving in that first call. I felt though that she understood me and would see me at a deeper level than other therapists. I immediately felt a deep trust for her. So I took the plunge (which felt like walking off the edge of a cliff at the time) and began working with this amazing, loving woman.
Over the years, that trust has always been there and in fact it has deepened. I have finally written and published my first novelette. I have become a RYT-500 hour yoga instructor. I have developed better and deeper relationships. I have had some super hot, energetic sex after being celibate for 16 years. I haven't found my beloved yet, but I have found and nourished the beloved in me. I have a deeper relationship with myself that allows me to show up in the right ways for my family, friends, and those more special, intimate friends. It has been a very rewarding experience.

Dale Sprague

"Your kind listening and guiding was a gift."

Wow, oh my goodness, much processing here, Allana and Natalie. THANK YOU. Big stuff. Breathing today. Taking steps. Loving myself, like my life depends on it... which it does :). Natalie, the call with you was alot - I'm still stirring that pot. Big. Thank you for holding space for me, asking me the right questions, calling out my self sabotage behaviors - including my desire to stay hidden. How my desire to hide is larger than my desire to shine. Wow, you are so right. Your kind listening and guiding was a gift. Thank you for being vulnerable and honest. I so appreciate yours and Allana's time and energy, the opportunity of this call.

Juliet Betts

"I never would have had this extraordinary bathtub experience if it wasn't for you Natalie on the Intimacy Discovery Call"

I'm so grateful that I got to meet you on our Intimacy Discovery Call and I got a nice little jab in my blindspot! I want you to know how much of a difference your stand for my breakthroughs has made for me. After doing all of this work, I had a wild-ass visualization experience… from my bathtub. In my visualization, a beautiful, perfect leaf was hanging from a vine in front of me. I thought, WOW. Not a single leaf is unintended. Not a single part of this jungle is unintended. Then it hit me. Oh my god. Not a single part of me is unintended. And I burst into tears. Sitting alone in my bathtub. Not a single feeling, not a single thought, not a single experience or aspect of me was unintended. Not. One. They’re a blessed, sacred part of me and my journey, who I am, and who I’m becoming. And each part is necessary. My insecurities. My humanity. My struggles. My fear. My judgement. My wild-ass sex drive. My huge, loving, wide-open heart. Not a single part is here by accident. I am exactly the way that nature intended! I never would have had this extraordinary bathtub experience if it wasn't for you Natalie on the Intimacy Discovery Call and Allana's stand for me, and for all of your support.

Kate Richards

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From Heartbreaks to HeartMates - Discover Lockdown Love

This book is for the souls willing to bravely feel their feelings, lean in, release being a lone ranger, and open vulnerably to a partnership, who have embraced lockdown as a time to go within, get clear on what really matters, and do the work to become home itself within their being, for those willing to learn how to communicate effectively with an open heart, even when they’re scared, uncertain, or overwhelmed.

Intimacy Discovery Call +
From Heartbreak to HeartMates ebook

  • A 60-minutes zoom call with a certified coach of Allana Pratt
  • Bonus: From Heartbreak to HeartMates, Discover Lockdown Love ebook.​
  • ​This Call is suitable for Single Women, Single Men, Committed Woman, Committed Men.
  • We honor, respect and serve heterosexual and LGBTQ+ clients. Love is Love.

$697 Value

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Here’s everything you get when you register for the Intimacy Breakthrough Call today:

  • It’s Like Having a Date With Your Authentic Self Revealing Your Deepest Truth...
  • From Feeling Emasculated to Heart Centered Intimacy.
  • ​​From Feeling Scared to Hopeful and Trusting Again.
  • ​​​From Feeling Depressed to Accepting, Open and Enlivened.
  • ​​​From Feeling Rejected to Knowing Fulfilling Sex is Possible.
  • From Feeling Confused to Clear on Your Relationship P​​ath.
  • ​​​From Feeling Resentful to Peaceful, Forgiving and Ready to Thrive.

$697 Value

Only $97 USD

This Call is suitable for Single Women, Single Men, Committed Woman, Committed Men.
We honor, respect and serve heterosexual and LGBTQ+ clients. Love is Love.
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